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Road Diary

Week 8: Broncos D's Has HAD It

This was the game that Vance Joseph called a must-win - it's a divisional game against a rival they will see again and they lost the first matchup. There was a moment during the game where you saw John Elway in the GM's suite watching the game after it had already moved out of reach, and he had this really just gloomy look on his face. Maybe realizing that the quarterback they drafted in the first round was beat out at training camp for a second year by Trevor Siemian, who threw two bad picks before halftime, and another in the 4th quarter. 5 turnovers overall for this offense- Vance Joseph is not RULING OUT a change under center.

"I don’t know, I don’t know, but losing 3 games in a row and having 5 turnovers tonight, anything is possible." 

While some players like LB Shane Ray tried to present a unified face - cracks are appearing in the facade and you only had to cross the locker room about 10 feet to find them. Chris Harris Jr. echoing the sentiments of some defenders telling us last night -

"Frustrations are very high. We’re tired of losing the same way every game. It’s high tension (with offense). We're not winning, we're not taking care of the football, we're giving the games away.”

KC was only 2 for 12 on third down -- KC 0-for-3 for TD chances in the red zone

Defense had a solid game - Harris told me we need to figure out how to score more on defense and make it easier on them. Tensions aren't going away anytime soon in Denver.


Michele Steele