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Road Diary

Week 7: Carson Wentz Magic

Redskins at the Eagles - big ol divisional game. 

3rd and 8 in the 4th quarter – Wentz escapes what looks like a 5 man rush for a 17 yard scramble.

And that was the story of the game. Carson Wentz was Houdini last night. And like all great magicians, he's not saying how he did it -- on 3rd and 8 in the 4th, a key third down when they led by just one score, he somehow breaks free -- Wentz told us he literally does not know how he did it – the doesn't like to get sacked, he doesn't like to go down. But he credited the guys that held their blocks, I spoke to one of them, RT Lane Johnson on what he saw on that play. He said Wentz did it by running like a deer, that's how you escape a pile. 

Malcolm Jenkins grabbed his helmet assuming the defense was going to take the field soon -- "I looked up and he was still running..!" 

Jenkins said that if he had one word to describe Wentz it would be this: MAGIC. As far as that play on 3rd and 8, I personally think that his center Jason Kelce should get credit for blocking a guy with one arm and then throwing Wentz upfield with his other arm.

Here's the thing: Wentz put the team on his back and carried them.... 17 of 25 for 268 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT, 8 rushes for 63 yards ... TD pass to Corey Clement, to know where Clement was going to be while he was sandwiched between two defenders....yowza.

Clement by the way said he was the last read on that play, and it turned into a scramble drill, he was supposed to run out into the flat against the LB, changed his route, doesnt know how he got the football there. . .

Quick shoutout here to OL Jason Peters -- he got injured and was carted out -- and was literally yelling out tips to his guys as he was being taken to the trainers room. Legend.