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Road Diary

Week 5: Duck, duck, grey duck?

We'll get to Grey Duck in a second. 

But the Mitch Trubisky era in Chicago started in earnest last night, as the Bears rookie quarterback made his career debut.

The Bears have dropped to 1-4 on the season but they found something under center last night, a little  something some call hope.

One team source told me at the end of the first half it's the most electric he's seen the crowd all season -- and that was when the score was 3-2.....What his teammates told me they appreciated was how calm he was playing from behind on a night the offense struggled to get any rhythm-- but he did finally find the end zone with about 12 minutes left in the game, Trubisky used play action to create space, rolled right and signaled to TE Zach Miller to go left- the pass was almost intercepted and Trubisky knew it - but he'll take it. He finished w a TD and 2 turnovers but Miller told us why those stats don't tell the whole story.

Here's what you need to know about the current state of the bears offense the punter Pat O'Donnel's 38 yard completion to Benny Cunnigham for the TD - was the Bears longest pass play of the year.

Here's what's interesting -- it didn't feel like a losing locker room last night.. i've been in soldier field for close losses that were a lot more deflating - those felt like a ceiling, this feels more like a floor. As WR kendall wright told me, we are in great spirits - they can build off this loss and he'll get better with time.

Trubisky's teammates liked what they saw. What they didnt like was penalties and costly mistakes on their part. As one Bears coach said this week , Trubisky isn't a magic wand -- everyone needs to do their part , and the bears need to clean up their play. “I think our guys feel it. They feel his presence,” coach John Fox said. “… For a first outing, I thought he was really good. I know his teammates feel the same way. He'll just get better with time.

What they need to do is put him in a better position to get through his reads and stay ahead of the sticks -- offensive lineman Kyle Long told us he didn't look like someone who had only 13 starts in college.

Long said: "He knows all the check, knows how to calm down a group of fat guys out there." 

Kendall wright: I know he will bounce back, eager to get out there and played well

After the interception to Zach Miller that cost this team the game -- Trubisky went to the sideline and told Kendall Wright that the loss was his fault. I told him, he good, you don't need to put nothing on yourself, you gotta learn from yourself.

"I felt like this was on me," Trubisky said. B"ut (my teammates) know I'm going to go back to work and I'm going to fix my mistakes. I'm going to watch this film and be critical of myself."


The talk of the Vikings locker room wasn't Bradford's re-injured knee, or Case Keenum's standout performance as a backup (again) - but Duck Duck... Grey Duck. Kyle Rudolph has his teammates play the children's game we all know and love, Duck Duck Goose. Except in Minnesota it's called Duck Duck Grey Duck. Let's just say MN native Adam Thielen was VERY confused.